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The GPS 2000 XL
Global Positioning System by Magellan

The GPS 2000 gives you all the basic navigation features you’ll need to get you anywhere you want to go and back again, time after time. As easy to use as a push-button phone, this pocket-sized, lightweight receiver with scratch-proof display screen is built to last, yet is amazingly affordable.

This rugged, waterproof receiver works anywhere in the world to tell you where you are and to steer you to fishing hot spot, rescue drop-off, campsite, trailhead or other location you have recorded in its memory. The GPS 2000 remembers up to 200 locations - places you have visited or locations given to you by a friend or selected from a map.

Getting from one location to another is as easy as pushing the “Go To” key, selecting the location you want to go to, and pushing the enter key. The GPS 2000 sets up an automatic route directly to the spot you select. Want to visit more than one location on your trek? GPS 2000 lets you create a multiple leg route with up to 29 stops along the way.

Four navigation screens steer you to your desired destination:

  1. the “pointer” screen with its compass-like graphic
  2. the plotter screen which displays the route you set and a history of the path you’ve actually traveled
  3. the navigation screen with information readouts such as speed, estimated time of arrival, direction and distance to go
  4. the position screen
For quick visual reference, each screen has a helpful directional arrow to point the way.

X” marks the spot!

The GPS 2000 runs continuously for up to 24 hours, or for weeks if used intermittently, on just 4 AA alkaline batteries. Changing batteries is quick and easy and does not affect stored locations. When batteries run down, as indicated by an on-screen symbol, the GPS 2000 automatically shuts off to protect memory for up to 6 months. There is an optional external 10-16 VDC power/data module.

Lightweight, compact and simple to use, the GPS 2000 is the perfect field guide for any outdoor activity.

In fog, snow or darkness, anywhere in the world, any time of day, Magellan GPS gives you the freedom to explore the Great Outdoors with confidence.

We have three great models to choose from

GPS 2000GPS 4000Trailblazer XL

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